Careers in Robotics


A robot is an automatically controlled re-programmable , multipurpose manifestation machine with or without locomotion. Robotics is the science which deals with designing, maintaining, developing robots as well as conducting research. Robotics involves building robots that operate automatically and work repeatedly and accurately even in hazardous environments.Visionary robotics engineers can work designing experimental mobile robots, with applications ranging from medical and military uses to designs aimed at creating vehicles capable of piloting themselves on other planets. Surveys conducted by the government and private agencies reveal that the robots enhance the…

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Careers in Horticulture


Horticulture is the branch of agricultural science dealing with the cultivation of fruits, vegetable, nuts and ornamental. It also covers floriculture, or the cultivation of flowers, and other agricultural practices. Pomology, arboriculture and landscape architect etc. are the various divisions of this science. The increasing demand for fresh and hygienically packaged fruits and vegetables has changed this occupation from a kitchen-garden kind of activity into an organized area of agriculture. Also In the area of floriculture the export potential is very good and therefore the prospects for horticulture specialists are…

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