Careers in Electronics

Careers in Electronics

Electronics –a branch of science which has entered into every aspect of our life and has made it easier and comfortable. It covers a variety of applications like Television, Radio, computers, telecommunication etc. it is also used for enhancing productivity in industries like oil, energy, agriculture and so many other important sectors of economy. steel, petroleum and chemical industries, Health care industry, transportation, factories and mines and even homes rely heavily on electronics.The uses are endless. An electronic engineer designs, fabricates,produces, tests and supervises the manufacture of complex products and systems and even oversee the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment’s and devices.Increased production & demand by government & businesses for communication equipment,computers & military-electronics along with consumer demand and increased research and development on robots.

The other types of automation contributes to the growth of employment opportunities in the field. Admission to 4 years degree course in electrical engineering can be achieved by passing highly competitive entrance exams conducted at national level. In addition one must obtain good score in 10+2 science stream with maths as a subject. If not degree course then at least a diploma is a must to pursue a career in electronics which is a 3 year course. A post graduate degree is required for most research or teaching posts and management positions. An additional degree in business administration is desirable for those seeking administrative or management positions. The focus in the study program is on understanding electronic networks and devices, electromagnetic field theory, computer fundamentals, as also their protection, and communication and control systems.

One finds job in both private as well as public sector after attaining degree in electronics. public enterprises and the government organizations like radio stations, Telephone Industries, Physical Laboratories, Civil Aviation Department; Post and Telegraph Department; Co-ordination Department, Development Centers in various States of different countries etc. dealing in manufacture, sales and services of electronics consumer goods and appliances provide job opportunities to deserving candidates. entertainment transmission industry, research establishments, and defense can also become area of work for electrical engineers. For gazetted posts one needs to pass requisite exams conducted as per the rules of the nation. A bachelor’s degree candidate in electronics engineering can receive a starting salary of 700-1100$ per month approximately with 1-2 years experience.

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