Careers in Marine Engineering

Careers in Marine Engineering

Marine engineers are the members of a ship’s crew who have complete responsibility of the ship’s engineering room. They also develop newer designs for the engines of sailing vessels and check the efficiency of existing equipment’s like gas or stem turbines, diesel or nuclear propulsion plants. A career in marine engineering is rewarding as well as challenging. Marine engineering has archaeology, anthropology, sociology, engineering and other studies of human relationships with the sea as sub-disciplines. Marine engineer’s staff also deals with hotel work on board like sewage, lightning, air conditioning and water system. It is a field closely associated with mechanical engineering.

It is a 4year course module which extensively covers theoretical classes, practical engineering education at the in-campus workshop, out-of-campus Shipyard & Shipboard training. The curriculum ensures sufficient exposure to Electronic, Computer & Information technologies. There are total 8 semesters. Topics such as Ship Operation Technology and other applied subjects (Maritime Commerce, Marine Engineering, Environmental Science, Control Systems etc.) are also focused upon. The course B.E. Marine Engineering requires 10+2 level pass with physics, chemistry, maths and English. Graduation can be followed with M.E or super post-graduation Ph.D.

After graduation one can get a lucrative job in a ship as a third or fourth engineer with salary ranging between 400-750$. Offshore job opportunities include ones available on ports, shipping industries, educational institutes etc. The shipping industry being the back-bone of the economy of any country, these days the Marine Engineers are employed in other sectors like I.T. , consultancy companies , construction companies etc. in a major way.

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