Careers in Nursing

Careers in Nursing

Nursing is a branch of medicine concerned with taking care of patients and help in attaining, maintaining, and recovering optimal health and functioning. Nurses are often in key management roles within health services and hold research posts at universities. It is a vital component of any form of medical care. It forms an integral part of the medical practice right from general ward to Operation Theater. At the initial level, nurses are required for the bedside care of patients, while at senior level they are required to manage special group of people like psychiatric, pediatric, intensive care patients etc which require specialized skills.

Diploma, bachelors, masters and midwifery courses are available in this course. For B.Sc nursing course 10+2 with PCB is required. Also one needs to pass entrance examination conducted at national, state and institutional level. Whereas M.Sc requires a bachelor’s degree and midwife (ANM) course can be done after 10th standard and its duration is 18 months. ANM course provide training as to how to take care of health related needs of the people living in rural areas especially children, mothers and old persons. The nursing profession calls for tremendous patience, responsibility and dedication, alertness of mind, team spirit, tact, compassion etc.

One can work in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics and Heath Departments, Orphanages and old age homes, Military, Schools, Industrial houses and factories, Railways and public sector medical departments, Training Institutes as educators. Nurses employed by government hospitals receive a monthly remuneration of 750-1000$. Those working for private hospitals or the military receive a slightly higher remuneration. Private Nurses have a fixed daily fee. Midwives receive above 300$ per month approximately, plus a fixed amount per birth registered. Health workers receive between 100-200$ per month.

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