Careers in Software Engineering

Careers in Software Engineering

The explosive impact of computers and IT industry has made it imperative that new designs and new computer software systems be developed and technology be used for various applications. Software allows us to put technology to use by making it accessible. A software enginees job evolves very fast and it is reflected in the fast changing technology as well as the increase of new specializations cropping up in this field. The principles and knowledge of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis are employed by computer software engineers for designing, developing, testing, and evaluating the software and the systems that computers use to carry out various applications.

A software engineer may be of two types – Computer applications software engineers who are engaged in analyzing user needs as well as designing, constructing, and maintaining computer applications software and specialized utility programs.Computer systems software engineers, who are involved in coordinating the construction of the computer systems of an organization, maintaining them and planning their future growth.Entry level qualification in this field is 10+2 in science stream with mathematics as a subject. After this one can opt for a 4 year B.E. course in software engineering or computer science. B.Sc in computer science is also offered by various colleges and institutions which is a 3 years course. However, for B.E. one needs to pass several state level or national level competitive exams. After graduation one can obtain a master’s degree i.e. M.E. or M.Sc in comp. science or IT which generally requires 2 years of training. It can be followed by PhD or M.B.A course. Diploma and certificate programmes are also offered by institutions. Apart from educational qualifications one must keep up-to-date with the advancing technology and have a good deal of concentration as well as an eye for detail. Good communication skills are also required so that they can efficiently interact with team members, other staff, and the customers they meet.

Software engineers find job placements in reputed companies like Microsoft Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, Apple Computers, Google, Yahoo etc. although recession has affected this industry but still qualified people are required to bring about change in technology. Apart from this one can earn through freelancing also. Compensation for Software Engineers varies according to years of experience, degree and geography. A new graduate from a prestigious school may start at $45,000 to $60,000 per year.

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