Careers in Web Designing

Web designing is the process of creating the look and feel of a website. The look of a website is created by designing logos, banners, and other graphics; determining where to put text; and structuring a site’s navigation. Web Designers need to think about download times as well as creating an attractive and functional site. Apart from this there is a lot to think about for the professional designer, beyond just how the pages look. Pricing, contracts, legal issues, freelancing or not, how to get customers, and how to keep the ones you have also needs to be considered. Web design services include Need analysis, Solution designing, Web content writing, web content planning, Product photography, Graphic designing, Designing Flash, HTML coding and Java scripting.

Entering in this field might be quite easy, like one may just have to set up his own web design web site or it may require one to undergo 4 year college course in web maintenance and development. Compared to educational qualification a web designer should be visually artistic. He must learn color theory and work of art and should have a degree in visual arts and visual design. In addition to it he should have a flair for creating a design flow. Various private Technical institutes provide a certificate program in Web Designing. If one chooses a career in Web designing, a degree in computer science would be an added advantage. Various web-designing courses are also offered by many popular institutes .

All the Software industries require well-qualified web designers to lead the industry at the top rank. Most of the companies wishing to create their own web sites look for skilled and qualified web designers. A web designer can be absorbed in different fields such as advertising agencies, publishing, audio-visual media, design studios, printers and typesetters, manufacturers and department stores, marketing firms, exhibits and displays and educational institutes and libraries. The growth is dependent on experience and creativity.

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