Is Airbnb for You?

It’s definitely the craze right now – room sharing. If you haven’t heard, it’s where people rent out their spare rooms or spaces online to travelers. Kind of like a middle ground between a hostel where you can meet lots of people and a hotel which is clean and offers some security and friendly service.

But before you run out and buy new bed sheets and plan what you’re going to do with the earnings from your new business, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Safety is the first factor. Just as much as your guest is trusting you, you also have to trust them. Somebody who you have never met before. If you live alone, this could be a concern of yours. Additionally, if you have any children in your home, then it might not be the best idea.

Just because it’s a craze right now, doesn’t mean that there isn’t any competition. Along with other Airbnb hosts, sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Bally’s offers affordable rates to travelers, also.

If you invite somebody into your home and they rob you, then your insurance isn’t likely to cover it. As unlikely as it is, it is a concern and one which your insurance company will have.

Once guest leaves, you need to clean the room, the bathroom, their sheets, and then set everything up again. As much as this will be a novelty at the start, it quickly becomes another chore.

Are you prepared to give the same information and advice out over and over again? Because that’s that a host is required to do. Travelers will all have similar questions, so be sure you have patience.

Are you comfortable with a restricted social life? If you aren’t, hosting might not be for you. When you have a guest you are limited in the social activities you can do at your home. If you like to have people over often, this might conflict with your guests use of the facilities.

Don’t be confused, there is a lot of money to be made from hosting on Airbnb, but like all rewards, it comes with risk. Before you sign up, be sure that you are ready for the responsibility and everything that comes with it.

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