Self Employed? You Need A Personal Insurance

Any kind of accident is not good news for anyone. Whether you are a salaried person or self-employed an accident cover insurance is helpful to both. If you meet with a serious injury and have to take leave from work, you are at an advantageous positon if you are salaried, as you can avail a sick pay. Being self-employed as a web developer for example, means being your own boss, planning your own schedules and you decide how you would want to succeed your business. But what if you get injured and have to take a long break from work? You need to take care of your own medical insurance too. This is the question that provokes you to look up to Personal Accident Insurance or Income Protection Insurance.

This insurance is tailor made for you to give you monthly benefits in case of injury or illness. This insurance helps you to meet your monthly obligations and financial expenses. Personal Accident Insurance provides you with 75% of your salary or income, which you can use to pay your everyday expenses, spend on your utilities and other financial requirements of your household.

injured girl on wheelchair

It is said that you have a speedy recovery when you focus on your health and leave your worries and tensions behind. This is practically impossible for a self-employed person to not think or worry about his business transactions, when he cannot personally to them. Too much distress can have a negative influence on you. This insurance helps you to control your anxiety and not to take too much pressure about the money and concentrate on getting better. But if you get monthly payments to meet your basic expenses you can relax and focus on regaining health.

Being self-employed brings a dash of uncertainty with it. Uncertainty is the nature of all business. You cannot predict a fixed income for yourself every month. For example your income can be seasonal, so you might observe regular oscillations in your finances. Nevertheless, if you have a predefined value for your Personal Accident Insurance, these fluctuations won’t make any difference and you would get the benefits of the policy according to your income at the time of application. This helps you to receive fixed amount of benefits throughout your recovery, in spite of the ups and downs in your business.

Once you decide to avail an Income Protection Insurance, you should do your bit of research and then opt for the perfect policy that meets your needs. There are numerous offers available from various companies, but not all are made equal and give you the same kind of benefits. There are qualified advisors at your service, who can provide you with the rate comparisons and suggest you the best policies that tailor-fit your requirements.

You can never know what destiny has in store for you. You can always meet up with sudden illness or unexpected accidents, which can put our lives into a complete turmoil. It is wise to have proper protection in place to fight these misfortunes, so that neither you nor your business has to suffer.


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