What Are Hobbies That Can Make You Money?

What Are Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Have you made something in the past and gotten a great deal of compliments on it? Maybe you made a winter hat for a loved one or you are known as being the person who makes the most delicious desserts for gatherings. Does it seem as though people will often look at a necklace that you made and want to know where they can get one? If you have answered yes to any of these, you could quite possibly have the chance at taking your hobby and bringing it to the next level while making money and doing something that you truly enjoy!

Do you like to sew? You should know that handmade clothing is quite popular today, especially if you can find customers who are not known for being able to fit into the one size fits most mentality. Clothing that is custom made calls for proper measurements for a quality fit and better feeling. The finished product ends up being made with love and truly unique. Not only can you think about working on clothing creation, but you can also take a look at other products that you enjoy sewing and think about selling them. Options like tea towels for the kitchen, zipper pouches, animal beds and more can all be great ideas for making some extra cash.

What about photography? If you are someone who likes to take pictures, think about taking some of your best shots and printing them out using high quality paper and then selling them online using one of the major markets like Big Cartel, Etsy or StorEnvy. Think about offering them matted and framed, as stand alone prints and more. You can put them at different price levels to attract even more customers. It is also a good idea to reach out to some of the local coffee shops and other businesses that are known for allowing artists that ability to showcase or even sell their work while adding decoration to their walls at the same time. You can also think about setting up at local craft fairs, having studio sessions, offering photo shoots or working to photograph special events for hire. To get your start, all you have to do is ask some of your friends if they will allow you to photograph them as a way to build up your website or portfolio.

Think jewelry! Even though there are a lot of jewelry makers that are out there today, nobody is going to create the same way that you do. Look at local boutiques and see if they are offering a consignment program for the sales of jewelry. You can also think about offering brides and other customers the chance at personalized pieces.

Can you blog? If you know how to tell stories, describe your experiences, review products and help people solve your problems, you can blog and make money. You can promote various products or services, for example, sending people to pages like Buy Buy Baby and Groupon Coupons and earn a comission every time your visitors buy something or subscribe to a service. It’s a good opportunity worth considering.

Are you a baker? If so, then it could be time for you to take your recipes that everyone loves and share them with the masses. After you come up with cute packaging options, you can start to sell your goods at craft and specialty fairs or even some of your local stores. Depending on your volume capabilities, you can even offer your delicious goods for parties, weddings and other events.

Quilting is another area that simply never seems to lose appeal. There are many people who love them, yet not many will want to take the time to make their own. If you are able to offer fabric options that are unique and beautiful designs, you can make quite a bit of money off of each custom quilt that you craft. These are one of a kind items that can be scaled down for baby blankets, made into pillows for a complete set and more. Not only are they lovely, but you will usually find that your clients will keep the quilted goods for family heirlooms.

Maybe you are someone that is good at making old items look new again. If so, you should know that there are always people who are looking for restoration of furniture pieces. Think about cleaning and restoring furniture that can be fixed up and resold at yard sales, flea markets and other sales outlets. If you happen to have the tools and the time, you can make a few extra dollars with each project.

Do you happen to have access to a ceramic studio? If so, and you enjoy ceramics, quality crafted pieces can often fetch a pretty penny. Think about working on personalized products to make even more money and you are going to see your sales soar.

No matter what you like to do, you can make money simply by crafting. So, it is time to get started!

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