You Can Become An Overnight Success

You Can Become An Overnight Success

Anyone can tell you that history has a way of being rather annoying at times. While you may like learning about all different people and how certain civilizations came to be where they are, it can sometimes make a person feel as though they are a bit more well-traveled than they really are. It is all supposed to be instructive. Even though you may not have had a chance to see a Sumerian ziggurat, at least you know that this was once a thing. This is knowledge that can swirl around in your head and even though some may think it to be useless, it is still there in your brain.

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of history has a way of making the past inevitable and easy. A lot of biographies for famous people will talk about where a person was born and what they may have done as part of their childhood. Not all that important. But, then it will talk of the company that they started in their garage and how the person went on to make millions of dollars.

The issue with such descriptions is that they can really oversimplify the entire process that is involved in becoming successful. It can make people believe that becoming an overnight success is something that is easy, or even possible. There may be someone who has taken on a lot and been able to have a wild amount of success in their young life, but that does not mean that they did not put in the work to get there. Just looking at Jordan Speith, who has been the winner of major golf tournaments in his early 20s, there was still a great deal of practice involved.

The bottom line is that if you want to be able to become an overnight success and feel better about all of your accomplishments, you have to:

Work Ridiculously Hard

Jordan Speith didn’t simply wake up winning golf tournaments. He practiced really hard and worked to hone his craft. Lewis Black aged into his 50s before the world started to really appreciate his comedy, so there is no telling when all of your hard work is going to finally pay off. Did you know that Colonel Sanders was in his 60s before the wonderment of his chicken really caught on? This is the type of uncertainty of the future that can sometimes make us feel as though we want to give up on the chase. However, if you stop pushing, the success will not be able to find you.

Stay Paranoid

Yes, you heard that right. Stay at least a little paranoid. A lot of people who are successful will usually feel as though failure lies right around the corner. Even though he started off as a poor actor, John Goodman went on to become a rich one. He believed for decades that each product that he has touched would be his last. This is not because he does not want to work, but more of a feeling that nobody will ask for him again. This is a sort of healthy paranoia that allows people who are successful to avoid slacking and they keep on striving for better things. If you end up complacent with the success that you have, you can end up failing to advance.

Wait For Viral Fame

This is something that does work. All you have to do is look at Justin Beiber and his YouTube fame and now you can easily see how he has his millions and his countless fans. This is not quite a strategy and there is really nothing that you can to do try to guarantee you will have viral fame. However, this does not mean that it is never going to happen. There are people all of the time that win the lottery. You just have to remember that if this is your path to your success, all of the other people who try the other approaches are going to hate you. While this is not fair, it still will not stop them.

Achieving overnight success is never really easy and it very rarely happens overnight. It would be nice for all of us to wake up one morning to find out that everything has turned for the better and success came right to the door.

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